The Croissant Test

Those of you who have heard me speak will have heard of the ‘Croissant Test’. So what am I on about I hear you ask? In simple terms if you can walk from your home to a local bakery, buy a croissant and bring it home while it is still warm you are living in a great place. Make sense? This is the essence of a walkable neighbourhood where the things you need are 5-10 minutes walk away, as opposed to another car journey.

One thought on “The Croissant Test”

  1. Living in a shopless village means a 2 mile walk, cycle ride or… Car journey. Much as I would like us all to walk and cycle more, having a car here is invaluable and the ease with which I can drive in and out of Leyburn, park conveniently and for free close to the shops is an important aspect of our quality of life here. I often see ideas put into practice aimed to squeeze people out of their cars (gardens in parking spaces in the Netherlands sticks in my mind) when what is needed, I think, is a change in the shape of our lives where possible so that we need cars less. I guess if one of you is disabled and you both live miles from anywhere, you’re always going to need a car.

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